Keeping My Word… to Myself

I recently came across this idea of keeping my word to myself while reading the book Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.

As I read her perspective and proddings to consider viewing our word to ourselves as we would any friend, it was like a light bulb flashing, bells and whistles sounding and confetti falling from the sky… it was a moment in which my mind had been opened to a new way of thinking.

I’ve tried to live my life and be impeccable with my word; so much so that when people ask, “Hey can you help me?” or “Can you do something for me?” my response is always “I’m not sure, what do you need?” I decided several years ago, that I didn’t like how it felt to instantly respond “yes” to the request of others, without knowing what it was they needed, and then telling them that, in fact, I couldn’t keep my word and do what I just said I would.

Or consequently, I didn’t like feeling the resentment or negativity that I harbored when doing what I responded “yes” to because it was an inconvenience or something that by agreeing to, created more stress for me.

This idea of extending to myself the same commitment to keeping my word that I give others was eye-opening. Rachel Hollis went on to ask how we’d feel if one of our friends constantly failed to keep their word to do whatever it was they said they would or what if when our friend canceled they gave lame excuses like “I really wanted to see you but this TV show I’m watching is so good.”   

It’s funny how clear the message is when thinking about it from that perspective. As I continued to read, I was forced to think about all the ways in which I break my word to myself. I break my word to myself on so many days and in so many ways and often times with really lame excuses. And yet somehow, I’ve become accustomed to accepting this as normal and okay.

But from now on, I’m looking at my word to myself like I’d view giving it to anyone else. In fact, I’d say it’s even more important that I keep my word to myself. 

I want to be someone others can count on but I need to be someone I can count on.