Jamie Bradley, Owner
My name is Jamie Bradley and I have a long history and love-hate relationship with food & fitness. I've played the diet game for many years losing and gaining weight. In fact, depending on when you are reading this- I might be super fit or super not!

I'm a normal person, with a normal metabolism and I actually have to work out and control what I eat to be fit. Despite being a licensed Health & Physical Education teacher, I've tried almost every diet & exericse program out there, if I thought I'd see results! I've also had four knee surgeries and understand the long & frustrating road of injuries and recovery. 

During my fitness journey, I have found a passion in learning and teaching Muay Thai. I began Muay Thai over a decade ago with a goal to lose weight and learn some practical self defense skills. What I found was an art form that not only transformed my body, but my mind & my life. 

In fact, the name KRU FIT comes from the Thai word "KRU" which means teacher and I wish to share my knowledge and passion for healthy living and Muay Thai with you! 

I'm not someone who has been skinny all my life...I'm a real person that has been exactly where you are now. I can help you achieve your fitness goals and I can teach you what many call "the king of martial arts"- Muay Thai. 
Muay Thai Bio
Throughout my career I have competed internationally. In 2007 I won the International Kickboxing Federation World Classic-Lightweight division in Orlando, Florida.  
Over the years, I have continued to refine my skills and focus more on teaching the art of Muay Thai rather than competing due to several knee surgeries. 
In 2013, I began training under the esteemed tutelage of Ajarn Buck Grant and have been awarded the title of "Kru" by Ajarn Buck.  
In 2014, I had the opportunity to learn from and train with some of the biggest names in Muay Thai, including Kru Alexander Palma, Coach Melchor Menor and World Champion Kevin Ross. 
In 2015, I traveled to Thailand to learn and train Muay Thai in it's most authentic form. 
In 2016, I became the first female to coach on the internationally renown & televised on AXS TV, Lion Fight Promotions.

In 2017, I began working with the United States Muaythai Federation to promote authentic Muay Thai in the Midwest giving fighters a platform on which to regularly compete. 

In 2017, I participated in the CSA Coaches Clinic learning from the very best coaches & fighters in combat sports including Kirian Fitzgibbons, Barry Robinson, Patrick Rivera and Gaston Bolanos & Kevin Ross.

In 2018, I took my first team of six individuals to Thailand to train for two weeks at Petchsaman FC, Rambaa Somdet M16 gym & Venum Training Camp.
  1. Training in Thailand
    2015 Suwit Stadium Gym
  2. Make 'em Look!
    Typical workout
  3. KruFit Pro Fighter- Yeison Berdugo
    Yeison "Yayyoo" Berdugo Lion Fight 38