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Why You’ll Love Muay Thai and KruFit

It should come as no surprise that everyone at KruFit loves Muay Thai. If we were to frame things in a festive, Valentine’s Day lens, we’d probably say we’re married to it -or at least in an extremely committed relationship with it!  

However, you’re probably still in the dating stage — maybe even in the “exploring who I am/what I want” stage — when it comes to your own relationship with Muay Thai. We get it. So to help you get to know more about the art of eight limbs, we asked some of our members why they love Muay Thai. 

Here’s what they had to say:

“I love working out and doing it through the classes offered at KruFit gives me a chance to expand my knowledge and challenge my body and mind in ways other programs don’t. Always learning something new but also keeping fundamentals at the core so it is a good fit for anyone. The coaches and members are also like family!”Sarah J.

“Muay Thai checks off a lot of boxes for me: you get a great workout, you learn self-defense skills, you’re always learning new techniques, and at KruFit you’re part of a really supportive community. All of that makes KruFit stand above basically any other gym membership.”Craig T.

“Muay Thai is so fun! It’s an incredible workout, and a perfect way to work through the frustrations of the day. I’ve impressed myself with how much I’ve been able to accomplish with my level of fitness in the month I’ve been attending: my endurance has improved, and the bag actually moves when I hit it now! I look forward to my classes every week with genuine excitement, and always leave sweaty, exhausted, and beaming.”Beth T.

“Muay Thai has a rich history and tradition. It incorporates culture, honor, integrity, competition, and compassion for all that practice it. I have never experienced such a diverse community of people, from all walks of life and backgrounds, that come together with a shared vision of personal self-improvement.”Kyle S. 

“I love Muay Thai because it allows me to express myself physically, mentally, and emotionally by challenging myself everyday with new exercises, movements, and techniques. It motivates everyone to be the best person you can be in and out of the gym. I love KruFit for the sense of family that everyone feels apart of and someone is always there to pick you up or help when you need it.”Brady R.

“What I love about Muay Thai is that it trains you physically and mentally. Coming to KruFit has helped me get in shape, but it has also taught me a lot about mental toughness and how to push past limits that I was putting on myself.”Giana B. 

“KruFit provides me with cardio and a healthy gym culture that I actually enjoy. The coaches and other gymgoers are all welcoming and friendly. They know you and what’s going on in your life beyond what your name is. As for the workouts? I’m always drenched at the end of each one after throwing punches, kicks, knees, and elbows at the heavy bags, Thai pads, or controlled sparring partners. I’m always looking forward to the next workout and asking for more.”Joe Y. 

We’re so lucky to have great members who are ready to share their love of Muay Thai with newcomers like you.

Which of these reasons to train resonated with you most?

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