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As part of a new years social media blitz to launch 2019, I created and began sharing “12 days of transformations” of various members in the gym. The posts were a hit with members and social media followers alike. And while many of us are in awe of, inspired by, or find hope in these transformation photos, I feel like it’s critical to point out that these transformations were the result of intentionality.

The individuals in these pictures experienced a transformation because they were intentional in any number of ways: from meal prepping, daily workouts, and class attendance to foregoing comfort foods and beverages, etc.

Make no mistake — the results didn’t just happen. But rather, happened because of intentional planning, prepping, and sacrificing.  

Intentionality is the key to any goal’s success; be it financial independence, happiness, improved relationships, etc. Whatever you wish to achieve — you must be intentional with your decisions and actions. Failure to be intentional will surely delay if not derail your success altogether.

As I am faced with daily decisions in the new year, I’m working to get better at stopping and asking myself “what will move you closer to your goals?” and then being intentional with my actions.

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