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Muay Thai Saved My Life

I know, it seems ridiculous to think or even say “Muay Thai saved my life,” but it really did. 

People often ask how/why I began training Muay Thai and I share with them how I had concluded my collegiate softball career and “continued to eat like a college athlete but not workout like one!”

I soon found myself 215+ pounds on my 5’6″ frame. I was commuting to my first full-time teaching job as a Physical Education and Wellness teacher. I was a terrible role model for my students. Beyond that, I was miserable. I hated the person I had become but I didn’t know how or where to start to change things. 

I started Muay Thai as a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and learn a little self-defense. But what I found was something that forever changed the course of my life. Sometimes I think about what my life would be like had I not found Muay Thai… beyond the achievements, the people I’ve met, and the fun I’ve had along the way, I believe I would be a completely different — and less desirable/good version of myself. 

Muay Thai not only gave me a way to get my body in shape but it also gave me a mindset to get my life in shape. In my next few posts, I will take a closer look at the mindset that Muay Thai has cultivated for me and how my life has changed because of it. Stay tuned! 

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